Our veterinary practice is connected to Canberra Equine Hospital. Here we have a team of specialist equine vets and veterinary surgeons and we provide professional and efficient service to our clients and their beautiful and special horses.

Common equine specialist services:

  • Routine horse check-ups.
  • Diagnose horses.
  • Provide medical care.
  • Offer surgical care.
  • Horse behavioural issues.
  • Vaccinate
  • Medicate, when necessary.
  • Provide end of life solutions.

We come to your paddocks and stables when possible, providing home or farm care, and when required our equine hospital has modern equipment, and highly professional staff who run the clinic. We assist with births, vaccines, medical care, grooming, illness, and in the saddest of times, the end of life.

If you are the owner of a horse, or horses, let us take care of them for you. We will help you with all aspects, kindly, compassionately and super-efficiently.