We have all had that one dog or cat that cannot stop scratching. It’s awful, the animal is uncomfortable and as an owner, you feel helpless. Dogs and cats get skin disorders; some of which are more easy to treat than others. If your dog has an itch it may require one trip to the vet and some topical treatment. If your dog has a chronic itch, or alopecia (hair loss), it may require more than one examination or consultation and a more intense treatment plan.

Common skin disorders amongst pets

Don’t leave your pet with an itch for too long. The earlier you can catch and treat animal skin disorders, the better. Some pet skin disorders can be simple allergies (having a pet can be like having a child) in which case the vet can work out a plan of action for you. Some disorders may be more chronic, needing lab tests, bloods or even biopsies.

Take action and ease your animals distress

Don’t panic if your pet develops a skin disorder but do take action. There are plenty of medications and supplements on the market, and your vet needs to work out what your animal needs. Most skin disorders are curable and easy to deal with; it is only the chronic cases that may be more of a challenge.  Dermatology in animals is real, which is why specialise in it.

Could it just be fleas?

Of course, your pet may just have fleas, in which case, we have the best and quickest remedies. All dogs and cats need to be de-flead from time to time, especially if they are newly rescued. If your dog has an itch, it may simply be fleas.

For more severe dermatitis, our treatment plans can include medication, but could also be about a special diet, non-allergy dog shampoos or vitamin supplements. We always look at your animal holistically, and offer the best all-round and / or specialist dermatological treatment that it deserves.