Most aspects of dog care come naturally – loving, playing, snuggling, throwing the ball, training the animal to sit and stand and wait for its snacks, and mostly, having great fun.

But there are some important elements to dog care that you may not know, especially if this is your first ever dog (lucky you), so here is our guideline.

The basics of dog care should include:-

  • Keep fresh water available, inside and outside.
  • Feed your dog a healthy diet.
  • Take your dog for regular vaccinations and boosters.
  • Exercise your dog regularly.
  • Ensure his dog shelter, or dog bed, is clean, soft and cosy.
  • Spend quality time with your dog. Dogs love company.
  • Socialise your dog, with other dogs and humans.
  • Train your dog.

Some of the above are self explanatory, but we are going to go over each one, to make it simple and easy for you.


Change your dog’s water daily, and sometimes, twice daily. If your dogs spend time inside and outside, have water bowls in both places, and where possible, keep them in the same place.

Dog food

We will advise you on the various types of dog foods, which to give to puppies and which to give to small, medium or large dog breeds. When you give your dog treats, and let’s face it, all dogs love treats, keep them dog related. No snacks from the table!

Dog vaccinations

As soon as you get a puppy, or a new dog or a rescue, bring it in to us so we can vaccinate, boost or just give a proper all-round health check. We will give you a vaccination card for your dog, highlighting dates for future vaccines and boosters. It is vital that you vaccinate your dog, not only for his health but also for the health of others.


Some dogs need more exercise than others, but all dogs need exercise. If you can go to the park or for a walk, once or twice a day, always do it. If you are unable to do this but you have the budget, hire a dog walker. You can also play ball with your dog in the yard, garden or even indoors. Exercise is good not just for your dog, but for you too, and you will love the walks the two of you enjoy together.

A cosy and warm dog shelter

Invest in a lovely dog bed or shelter, put blankets or towels down for extra cosiness, and keep it clean and hygienic.

You, your dog and time together

You know how they greet you with total enthusiasm when you come home, even if just after five minutes? Dogs get lonely and need your company too. Give them attention, whenever you can. Love them a lot, although you don’t need to be told this, it’s the most natural and uncomplicated love in the world.

Socialise your dog

We will tell you all about puppy school and puppy training, how to socialise your dog and how to ensure that your beautiful pet gets on with other dogs, humans and most importantly, children. This is really important and a well socialised dog is a happier dog, with happier humans too.

Train your dog

This is all part of socialisation. It’s easiest to train your dog when he is young, but you can still train a dog and help it to be a better dog at any time. Sit, stand, wait and run are all good commands to learn; learning not to jump on people or to steal food is as important. Again, we will guide you all the way.

Lastly, keep up to date with your dog vet visits and bring him (or her) in for regular check ups. Dogs need to be vaccinated, checked for fleas, have their nails clipped, have their teeth brushed and / or checked, and have routine doggy check ups. We are here to help you, every step of the way.