In a survey of thousands of pet owners, when asked how long they would like their pet to live the answer for an overwhelming majority was “forever of course”. We feel privileged to have so many senior pets entrusted to our care and we love to come to work each day knowing we can make a very significant difference to the quality and duration of the lives of our patients.

Because old age, and some of the diseases associated with ageing, creep up on us and our pets, people often don’t realise just how much their senior pets are suffering needlessly. It is common for us to institute a treatment plan for conditions such as osteoarthritis, dementia and hyperthyroidism, for example, and have clients return amazed at how their pet is like a pup or a kitten again. What joy this brings to our team as well.

Pets age around 7 times faster than humans which is why one 20 minute visit to the vet each year just isn’t enough to be able to evaluate and discuss everything required to ensure a happy and healthy life for a pet. Once a pet reaches 7 years old (younger for giant breeds) a minimum of two visits each year is absolutely essential.

If you think your pet may be showing some worrying signs of ageing then please call us on 6241 3333 to arrange an appointment.