The Australian Veterinary Association has advised us that a new strain of Calicivirus is being released across Australia to help land owners control wild rabbits.

There are new guidelines on rabbit vaccinations which indicate that a vaccination for Calivivirus is needed every 6 months.

In order to keep your furry baby healthy it is important to ensure that they are up to date with their vaccinations. Please give us a call on 6241 333 to confirm that your rabbit is up to date or to book in a time to have them vaccinated.

Rabbit Calicivirus is a disease that affects a rabbit’s internal organs such as the liver and gut, and can also cause haemorrhage or bleeding. It is spread from wild rabbits, in the air or by contact on clothing or hands. Fleas can also spread the virus.

The current Cylap vaccine is the best way of preventing disease in pet rabbits, and should continue to protect rabbits against disease, as long as the correct protocols are followed. Therefore, if it is more than six months since your pet’s last vaccination please book an appointment today to maximise their immunity.

If your pet is unvaccinated please keep your rabbit inside until they can be vaccinated.

  • Where possible prevent direct and indirect contact between domestic and wild rabbits.
  • Avoid cutting grass and feeding it to rabbits if there is a risk of contamination from wild rabbits.
  • Always wash your hands with warm soapy water in between handling rabbits that are not normally in contact with each.
  • Make sure that your rabbit hutch has adequate insect proofing or keep your rabbits inside.

For your convenience you can now book appointments online. Head to our website and click on ‘Schedule Your Appointment’. This booking page is available 24/7 even when the hospital is closed.

If you are unsure about your rabbit’s vaccination status or when to vaccinate, please don’t hesitate to contact us at the clinic on 6241 3333.