Snake Bite: Now that snakes are out and on the move it is very important to be aware that snakes could possibly be anywhere at anytime . A bite from a snake can be deadly to your pet. If you suspect your pet has been bitten by a snake please take him/her to the closest vet clinic immediately. Please see below for the signs of snake bite poisoning so you can recognize them ASAP and bring your pet in immediately.
Symptoms of a snake bite are;
– Vomiting.
– Diarrhoea.
– Seizuring
– Excessive salivating
– Loss of coordination
– Loss of consciousness
– Sudden weakness
– Dilated pupils
– Muscle tremors/shaking.
Please remember, if you suspect your pet has been bitten by a snake DO NOT try and catch or identify the snake. Take your pet to the closest vet clinic. Make sure you keep your pet as calm as possible and inform the vet clinic you are on your way.
Paralysis Tick: Although the paralysis tick is not commonly found in Canberra, ticks are really common on the south coast. We see many pets with tick paralysis every year because Canberran’s like to take their pets to the coast.
Symptoms of tick paralysis;
– Animals voice may change (sound different) due to the vocal cords becoming paralysed.
– Excessive salivation.
– Vomiting/regurgitation. The gag reflex becomes paralysed so the animal cannot swallow.
– Staggering in the back legs leading to hind legs becoming completely paralysed and collapsing.
– Dilated pupils.
– Breathing difficulties as the respiratory muscles become paralysed.
– Coughing/gagging.
Always check your pet morning and night (even if used tick preventative product) to ensure your pet has not been bitten. If you have found a tick you can remove it using a tick twister or by gently pulling the tick using the ends of your fingernails. If you suspect your pet has a paralysis tick then call us at Canberra Veterinary Hospital and arrange a visit as soon as possible.
There are many products marketed for the prevention of tick paralysis in pets. However, over the years we have discovered that some work better than others. Please pop in to Canberra Vets to get some advice from our friendly receptionists who can tailor a program for your individua