At our practice, we do our best to ensure that visits to the veterinary hospital do not involve fear or anxiety for our patients. We call this our “FEAR FREE PHILOSOPHY”. How do we ensure that veterinary visits are fear free for our feline friends?

Cats like treats too! There are many tasty new treats for cats. We like to offer these in our appointments and also to our inpatients. The aim of this is that cats in our care associate us with treats and cuddles. Nothing to be scared of!

Feliway is a product that contains a feline pheromone which helps to calm cats and increase their feeling of well-being in a natural way. We use feliway in our consultation room, treatment room and wards.

The best cat carriers open from the top and the front and can also be taken apart in the middle. Some cats like to see out, whereas others are happier if the carrier is covered to prevent them seeing the unfamiliar. Help make the carrier a familiar place by leaving it in a room at home where your cat spends a lot of time. Place familiar bedding inside the carrier along with treats and a toy. Feliway spray can also help to make the carrier a happy place for your cat.

If one of our feline friends needs to stay with us in hospital, we understand that they like to have a “cubby” to hide away in if they are feeling a little nervous. We also know that treats and cuddles help too.

In Reception Area
Many cats will become anxious if confronted with other animals, particularly barking dogs when in the vet’s reception area. We will be on the lookout for this and will provide you with a secluded area to wait when needed.

Calming Medications
We will advise the use of calming sedatives where needed, to ensure that more detailed examinations and minor procedures are not found stressful by our patients. Some cats may benefit from a calming medication given prior to their trip to the vet.
So please chat to us about our fear free philosophy and how we can ensure that your cat enjoys calm and contented veterinary visits.