If your pet is diagnosed with arthritis, there are plenty of things you can do at home to help them feel more comfortable.

We recommend a multi-pronged attack as this helps to reduce the need for large amounts of medication and will lessen the potential side effects of any one treatment.

6 tips for an arthritis-friendly home:

1. Keep your pet lean to help reduce the load on their joints
2. Consider feeding a diet specifically formulated for arthritis (ask us for the best recommendation)
3. Continue to exercise your pet in moderation; gentle daily walks for dogs help keep the joints moving and muscles toned
4. Provide a warm and comfortable bed with plenty of padding
5. Use a portable ramp to help your dog in and out of the car
6. Provide an additional piece of furniture (like an ottoman) so your cat doesn’t have to jump so high to reach his favourite spot
7. Ask us for more information on how to make your home arthritis-friendly. You can also speak with us to find out about our healthy weight pet program.  Please call 6241-3333 to organise an appointment to chat with one of our trained nurses.