Puppy Classes

We have group classes for puppies between 6 and 12 weeks of age. There are 6 sessions over 5 weeks with a maximum of 5 puppies per class. Classes are held in our purpose built puppy training area with indoor and outdoor sessions (weather dependent). You will receive written and virtual content to supplement the basic training your puppy will learn. Play time and socialisation occurs at every class.

Cost: $150 for the entire programme

Puppy Consultations

Puppies over 14 weeks of age can attend one-on- one classes, either in the clinic or in your own home. The same information is provided from the group sessions; however family specific goals are identified and addressed in these individual sessions.

Cost: $80 in house and $130 for House calls* which includes written report.

Short Sessions

These one-on-one 20min sessions are for canines of any age. The session works on one specific behaviour at a time. Behaviours may include: Focus, not jumping up, sit/drop, stay, recall, walking nicely on lead. These classes are also good just to meet our trainer and help them to identify where you may need assistance.

Cost $20 for 20 mins at the clinic.

Dog Behaviour Consultations

House calls: We look at all aspects of your pets’ life and teach you how to train your pet and correct any unwanted behaviour. Dogs learn photographically which means they learn things in locations, for example: If you want your dog not to bark at visitors it’s best to work with dogs at your own front door. House calls also include a written detailed report specific to your pets needs.

Cost: 1 hour for $130 House calls* including a written report.

*House calls are $130 if travel is under 15 mins for the clinic. Clients with drive times above 15 minutes will accrue travel charges. You will be given an estimate at the time of booking.

*50% non refundable deposits are required for all classes and hour sessions.at time of booking

Alternately, we also provide sessions at the clinic. This session a one-on-one 60min consultation, used to address all behavioural problems such as anxiety or destructive behaviour through to aggression issues. This consultation provides an opportunity to gather a thorough history and witness the behaviours owners are having problems with, however a house call is preferable in some cases.

Cost: $80.00 for one hour in the clinic