Smelly pets

If you notice a bad smell coming from your pet, it's time to take action. In most cases, a strange odour is an indication that something's not quite right and in some cases it can be a symptom of a more a serious and painful disease. Here are of the


Is my pet overweight?

You are probably well aware that if your pet is pudgy they have an increased risk of suffering from heart disease, respiratory disorders, osteoarthritis and diabetes. But alarmingly, most people aren’t even aware that their pet is overweight. Here are our top tips for determining if your pet is carrying


Can my cat be a vegan?

Embarking on a vegan diet might be suitable for some people but what about our feline friends? The truth is that a cat cannot survive on a vegan diet. These diets simply do not provide all of the nutrients that your cat requires for a healthy life. Cats are obligate


Food for thought

When it comes to feeding your pet, we know that it can get pretty confusing with the overwhelming number of choices out there. On top of this, pet food companies sometimes complicate things with claims that their food is superior because it is all natural, paleo, vegan, grain free, wheat


We love a bit of wee!

You might think we're crazy but a small amount of wee (technically referred to as urine!) can give us heaps of information about your pet's internal health and rule out problems such as kidney disease and diabetes. Infections, inflammation and urinary crystals are just a few of the other nasties


Flea prevention reminder

Spring is just around the corner and as the days are getting longer, now's the time to ensure your pet is up to date with flea prevention. Eggs that were previously laid by fleas may have been lying dormant over the cooler winter months but as soon as we get


Kids and dogs – keeping everyone safe

When it comes to kids and dogs, supervision alone may not always be the best way to prevent a dog bite. Being able to recognise when a dog is feeling stressed or threatened is the key and it is essential people are able to pick up on the signs and


Being kind to the kidneys

Have you noticed any of the following in your pet? - increased thirst - increased urination - weight loss - vomiting - lethargy  Any of these changes may be an early sign of kidney disease. The sooner we detect this disease and initiate treatment, the better your pet will feel


It’s never too late for dental care

It's not uncommon for us to see an older pet with dental disease but many people are worried about their senior pet having to undergo a dental procedure. In fact, as our pets get older, their immune system becomes less effective at fighting off bacterial and viral diseases so good